Privacy policy – Terms of use organic SEO with Artificial Intelligence

Terms of use organic SEO with Artificial Intelligence- Privacy policy

Privacy policy – Terms of use organic SEO with Artificial Intelligence

All rules and regulations of the SEO project are provided here, which include the definition of all relations and mutual rights of the website and its visitors and respected customers.

Please read this page carefully.

1- Copyright of the Project
All the content available under the domain, including text, sound and any static and moving images (videos) , are owned by this website and any commercial use without prior notice is prohibited.

2- Copyright and use of content
Reproduction of content for commercial purposes and profit-making, including competitors, without official prior permission is prohibited and also reproduction of articles and any content of the website for non-commercial purposes such as educational SEO and marketing training sites, review and reference sites by writing the full URL of each of pages is permitted.

3- Privacy
The privacy of visitors and respected customers is very important to us. Personal information of users is kept only to the extent they have stated and only to provide better services to them and will never be provided to third parties for commercial purposes and profit.
Cookies and logs are also only used to provide better services to respected customers.

4- Customer rights considers it its duty to respect and fully adhere to all legal rights of valued customers.
These include the right of ownership over a private page and Ancrettext as long as it pays for it.

4-1 – Rules for using artificial intelligence
While we do use artificial intelligence in the SEO service process, we assure you that none of your private information about you and your business will be accessible to artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence will only be used as an auxiliary tool alongside organic SEO expertise and will not have more access.

4-2- Of course, the customer has the duty to renew his service before it expires, otherwise the ownership of the service will be taken away from him and has the right to dispose of it to others at its discretion.

4-2- All links provided to valued customers in time-based and unlimited non-free services are of the DoFollow type and as long as the service fee is paid, considers it its obvious duty to fully protect and respect the rights of customers according to the bilateral agreement.

5- Rules for using Giraffa ir
In the spirit of mutual respect, all visitors and valued customers agree not to send content that is prohibited in the laws of your local country and international criminal laws.
Including sending sexual content (pornography), any form of sexual exploitation of children, disseminating content that is not yours, insulting and threatening and illegal content, revealing the secrets of others, any activity in the field of drugs and unauthorized medications, from production to advertising and sale, disseminating counterfeit and incorrect content, disseminating any content and performing any other harmful operations such as hacking.

6- Linking to external websites
Since is a project that provides SEO services to increase the rank of websites in Google search results, linking to other websites is a natural matter, but the important point is that valued visitors should be fully aware of’s liability boundary that has no responsibility for any content of websites that have been linked according to global regulations and the way of using these websites is up to the individuals themselves .

7- Customer content responsibility
Please note that due to the nature of the link farm creates a dedicated page for producers and providers of any product or service that are not defined internationally as prohibited, is permitted, but of course the responsibility of their information is on the customer. Although will have the right to remove a page or link that has confidential content at any time as it deems fit and with a reasonable reason and court ruling of local and international courts and the responsibility to compensate all damages incurred will be on the other party.
These regulations are there for having a safe and respectful environment for real business owners for the benefit of both sides.

8- Changes in laws and regulations
Continuous improvement and updating is a prominent feature of a living and dynamic being. Therefore, these regulations may improve from time to time. So please visit this page.

9- Credibility and accuracy of information
At we make every effort to provide accurate and correct information, but ultimately we do not guarantee the accuracy of all information.

10- Legal warning
In the event of a violation of the rules by users, according to the laws of any necessary action to enforce the right, including deleting content, limiting the user and any other legal action, it reserves for itself.

11- If you have any ambiguity or question, we are at your service 24 hours a day through chat on social networks or email.

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