Best Restaurants in each Country Around the World

The list of the best restaurants and the finest cuisines in each country, from the Middle East to the best restaurant in Spain and Africa. رستوران

If you’re a globetrotter, undoubtedly one of your searches would be finding the best restaurant in each country, encompassing a range of local, modern, and international cuisines. Zerafeh’s website has made it easy for you by introducing a good restaurant in every country in the world.

One important note is that after visiting a restaurant, please leave your feedback at the bottom of the restaurant’s page, so that it can be a useful experience for other travelers.

Ali Baba


Best Restaurant in the United States
Did you know that an Iranian chef from Tabriz, Iran, is working as a chef in the world’s best company, Google?

Best Restaurant in Canada
Best Restaurant in Qatar
Best Restaurant in Dubai
Best Restaurant in Kuwait
Best Restaurant in India
Best Restaurant in Iran
Best Restaurant in Saudi Arabia
Best Restaurant in England
Best Restaurant in Russia
Best Restaurant in France and Paris
Best Restaurant in Luxembourg
Best Restaurant in Sweden
Best Restaurant in Switzerland
Best Restaurant in Spain
Best Restaurant in Italy
Best Restaurant in Africa
Best Restaurant in Egypt
Best Restaurant in South Africa
Best Restaurant in Thailand
Best Restaurant in Taiwan
Best Restaurant in Malaysia
Best Restaurant in Singapore
Best Restaurant in Japan
Best Restaurant in Indonesia and Bali
Best Restaurant in Greece

What is your opinion on Mediterranean cuisine?

Best Restaurant in Cyprus

Best Restaurant in Vietnam
Best Restaurant in Brazil
Best Restaurant in Argentina
Best Restaurant in Mexico

If you’re fond of exotic and innovative dishes, China is a good choice for restaurant hopping.
Best Restaurant in China

Best Restaurant in Your Country?

If you believe that you have the best restaurant in your country, but your country’s name is not on the list of the world’s best restaurants, simply contact us, and we will create the name and page for the best restaurant in your country.
Just send us the list of dishes along with a brief description of each dish, including the recipe, ingredients used, and the culinary characteristic in both English and your country’s language.

What is the best restaurant in your opinion?

Do you have an experience of a delicious meal at a local restaurant in a specific city and country?
Please share it with us and others through the form at the bottom of this page.

Please send us your videos of your restaurant experience, and we will feature them on our website and YouTube channel along with your photos and details.


The list of the best restaurants in the world in each country, from Middle Eastern restaurants to Mediterranean restaurants, to the best restaurants in Africa, the best restaurants in the Americas, and the list of the best restaurants in Europe and Australia.

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