History of Types of Machines & Vehicles and Their Role in Our Lives - Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning 

A Journey from History to the Future – The Story of Machines and Vehicles

History of Types of Machines & Vehicles and Their Role in Our Lives – Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning 

From Darkness of Mind to the Big Bang of Knowledge

In the not-so-distant past, before reason enlightened the human mind, other animals ruled the earth. From the lion sovereign of the jungle to the eagle sovereign of the skies and the whale sovereign of the oceans. Today, these animals have boundaries within nature under human stewardship, and ultimately humans go to zoos to watch them. Of course, they are protected in nature reserves to prevent extinction with human help.

Today, humans have invented almost every type of machine to access all points on earth, under the sea and in the sky… However, humanity’s greatest achievement is digital artificial intelligence, which can, in my opinion, open new worlds for humanity. Because this machine is fundamentally different from all previous inventions in its ability to deeply learn from all human knowledge within fractions of seconds.

The First Contact with Artificial Intelligence

I will never forget my first contact with AI when I provided a long story for it to analyze. It instantly started analyzing and providing its own interpretation without delay, while such analysis would take an expert human days. And AI is used in all machines, from smart TVs that analyze users’ interests to recommend content to self-driving cars that will autonomously drive and navigate without crashing into each other through machine conversation.

Space Tourism and Interplanetary Payments

Within years, the tourism industry will add space tourism tours. Payment systems have been working on facilitating interplanetary and intergalactic payments so humans can easily transact across planets, or galaxies if currency still exists at that time. With access to galaxies, resource limitations may no longer exist or something better may replace currency.

Time Travel with Gravity, Black Holes and Wormholes

Time Travel with Gravity, Black Holes and Wormholes
What do you think, when will humans build a time machine to travel thousands of years into the past or future?

What do you think, when will humans build a time machine to travel thousands of years into the past or future? To go back into history and prevent devastating wars from cleansing fear, stress, anger and despair from the human gene? And perhaps a time machine has already been built but is waiting for the right time to introduce the concept gradually without global disruption.

A History Book about the Human Future

So far, history lessons have reviewed the past. But do you think there could be history textbooks in the future teaching future humans who choose lived experience about the human future?

Machines of the Future from Your Perspective

From your perspective, what capabilities might future machines have? And how might humans evolve with their brains connected to such advanced AI? I envision humans without physical form, traveling immense frontiers of existence without limits. A human with pure awareness!

Conclusion on the Impact of Machines and AI

Conclusion on the Impact of Machines and AI
Conclusion on the Impact of Machines and AI

This was an optimistic narrative about machines, AI and their impact on humanity and world. However, issues like Traffic, energy use, climate change and wars utilizing advanced AI pose challenges. What solutions can address these?

سفری به تاریخ آینده – داستان ماشین و خودرو


Article Summary

This article provides an overview of the history and evolution of machines and vehicles from the past to the future.


  • James Watt invented the first steam engine in the 18th century
  • Carl Benz invented the first automobile in late 19th century
  • Evolution of gasoline and diesel engine models in the 20th century
  • Significant increase in car production and sales in recent decades
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles entering the market since 2000

Types of machines and vehicles:

  • Passenger cars
  • Vans and utility vehicles
  • Trucks, trailers and semi-trailers
  • Sports cars
  • Electric, hybrid and self-driving vehicles

Role of machines in modern life:

  • Facilitating human and goods transportation
  • Industrial, agricultural and commercial development
  • Increased social connections and communications
  • Advances in industries like aerospace

Future of machines:

  • Proliferation of self-driving vehicles
  • Entry into air and space transportation
  • Utilization of advanced artificial intelligence
  • Brain-machine interfaces and connection to digital tools


  • Overall review of machine progress from past to future
  • Their positive impact on human civilization
  • Role of AI in further evolution
  • Potential effects on future human life

Mehdi Mohammadi Dehghani

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A journey from history to the future – The story of machines and cars

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