The beautiful memory of traveling to heaven on earth

Everything about travel & tourism from restaurants, transportation to hotels

Everything about travel and tourism from food and restaurants, transportation to hotels in a short travelogue

Traveling is the essence of life. Just put on your shoes and backpack and wander around the world!

It’s a nice feeling to experience the local cuisine, local clothing, traditional music and folklore, various snacks and beverages.

Saint Augustine beautifully said: The world is like a book and those who do not travel, have only read one page of it. 

Or a beautiful Iranian singer singing
Traveling is poetry, a story

Travel – Trip or JOURNEY

Everything about travel and tourism from food and restaurants, transportation to hotels in a short travelogue
Travel – Trip or JOURNEY

What has been your travel experience?
To which countries have you traveled and why?
What travel memories do you have and what has been your best trip so far?

Honeymoon is perhaps the answer for many dear ones.

The Dalai Lama, the leader of Buddhists worldwide, has beautifully suggested: Once a year, travel to new places you have not been to before.

Which mode of transportation would you prefer to travel?

Which mode of transportation would you prefer to travel?
Travel and Trip Advisor – Transportation
  • Travel by personal car 
  • Travel by taxi
  • Travel by bus
  • Travel by train
  • Travel by cruise ship
  • Travel by submarine
  • Travel by airplane
  • Travel by spacecraft

Or travel by rickshaw in the amazing country of India, the country of spicy foods, diverse festivals and beautiful clothes and the country of romantic dances!
A country that is home to one sixth of the world’s population with thousands of tribes, languages and dialects …
India after China is the most populous country in the world!

However, the leaders of India intend to restore the ancient name of the Republic of India, which is Bharat.

The ancient civilization of India dates back 4500 years ago in the Indus Valley or with the Harappan civilization. New Delhi is the capital of India where more than 20 million people live in this very busy but exciting large city.

India is famous as the country of mysticism and every year many people from different continents even travel to India to benefit from the teachings of this ancient civilization in self-knowledge, one of these famous people being the late Steve Jobs, the owner of the largest and most profitable technology company in the current world Apple! And in fact, Gautama Buddha has many followers in different parts of the world and some researchers believe that Buddha was a Persian prince from Iran, just like the Taj Mahal was built in honor of the Mughal emperor’s love for his Iranian wife, which is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World!

रजनीश चन्द्र मोहन जैन

And Osho (Rajneesh) the mystic who tried to break the boundaries of convention and superstition and open a new horizon to the bizarre infinite inner world of man and many people travel to Osho’s center located in Pune, India to learn Osho’s teachings. A mystic who lived in America for some time studied philosophy and Western newspapers labeled him the “Sex Guru”. Osho saw life as a dance that every person must perform their best dance through a dynamic meditation to ultimately achieve self-realization and liberation from the cycle of death and material life.
Osho, like the great Iranian mystic Rumi, believed the way to God and self-knowledge is direct. Rumi, like Osho, has many followers who visit his tomb in Konya, Turkey on his birthday and death anniversary from far away countries.

And if you are interested in films, I suggest searching the keyword “Bollywood” which is very close to the Western term “Hollywood” in Google. Some old Indian actors like Amitabh Bachchan, known as Big B, and the father of Indian cinema are even worshiped by the people of India to an extent of devotion.
India is a country with warm weather that has its own fans who travel to India from cold countries of the world.

Cows are sacred in India and no one eats beef in this country, just as chewing gum is banned in Singapore! The traditional dress of Indian men is dhoti and the women sari.

A nice nostalgic travel memory

Do you prefer traveling to modern countries like the US and Germany or traveling to countries with indigenous cultures like Brazil and African countries? Or do you prefer traveling to ancient countries with history like Iran and Egypt?

Do you have any information about Persepolis (Takht-e Jamshid) and the Great Pyramids of Egypt?

Do you prefer rural homestays and living in simple rural houses which gives you a sense of peace or would you rather spend the night till morning in a very large and modern hotel in the tallest building in the world?

The best food in n the best restaurant in the world

Choosing the best food in the world and the title of the best restaurant in the world is naturally dependent on individual tastes. For example, I personally cannot eat raw onions alongside food and instead use various vegetables, salads, peppers or yogurt and soft drinks.

I traveled to the beautiful country of Malaysia six or seven times and I remember the first time I traveled to Malaysia and ate spicy chicken tandoori with rice, the food was so spicy that I thought to myself “God, is eating this Indian or Pakistani food some kind of religious ritual for forgiveness of sins that they choose to eat such spicy food?” But after a few months of living in Malaysia, this spicy food became one of the tastiest foods on my menu of choices!

The interesting point is that when I returned to my country, I added a lot of pepper even to scrambled eggs so that the food would have its real tasty flavor according to me, which over time I lost that habit and became a pizza lover! But I still believe to the depth of a profound religious belief that Iranian chelow kebab and ghormeh sabzi is the tastiest food in the world, which is also ranked high in various world rankings!

What experiences have you had with the flavors of different foods in different countries of the world?

The best local foods in local restaurants of the word is here
Food & Restaurants

The beautiful memory of traveling to heaven on earth

I once traveled to the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia, rightly famous as “heaven on earth“. We stayed in a beautiful and traditional hotel overlooking tall trees through the hotel room windows, where beautiful squirrels were playing and jumping from one branch to another, creating a very beautiful scene.

The hotel was a few steps from the sea, but there was a pool in the outdoor area of ​​the hotel that I swam in, and after that other tourists realized that this pool was not just for decoration and could be swum in!

The next day we went for a walk outside the hotel and saw statues of goddesses that were an important part of the beliefs of the kind inhabitants of the island of Bali, Indonesia.

A Trip to Indonesia - Bali, the island of the gods
A Trip to Indonesia – Bali, the island of the gods

And it was interesting that a quiet taxi was just following us, while no one else was on that beautiful green road except us.

And when a very heavy rain came, we finally realized why the taxi driver was following us!

Follow the weather forecast so you can get a good customer!

After a decade, I really want to go back to Sanur Beach in Bali, Indonesia and just relax in that same hotel to revive my beautiful memories…

My Indonesian Friend
A Trip to Indonesia – My Indonesian Friend – 12/29/2007

My best memory from traveling

But my best memory from Bali, Indonesia was related to my entry into the Indonesian airport immigration checkpoint queue, where I was standing in line to check my visa, when some girls – from a country whose name is not important – while laughing and joking, as if unaware, came and stood in front of me.

From afar one of the male staff at the Bali airport saw this and I just smiled at him, but he came and politely told those ladies: “Please go to the back of the line, this is not your place here.”

And I smiled more deeply and thanked him.

And how important responsibility and justice are
And what a beautiful memory he left in my heart as a souvenir…

The importance of security for a memorable trip

Have you ever encountered immigration or security officials?

Once on a bus, a few immigration officers boarded and very seriously but politely requested passports from some passengers including me.

When I remembered the memorial plaque for the victims of the terrorist attack at the Bali airport, I understood more and more the importance of this security check.

Two funny memories at Bali airport and an Indonesian restaurant

English is not my mother tongue and how difficult it is for someone whose mother tongue is not English and who is also thirsty…

I was very thirsty and I wanted a bottle of water, and instead of asking the store owner for mineral water, I said “Please give me a bottle of sweet water…”

I opened the bottle cap to drink the water with my whole being and when it entered my mouth I was surprised! Because the water was really sweet sweet!

I remembered the times when at home in the middle of the night with sleepy eyes and extreme thirst, I drank a whole bottle of lime water instead of plain water!

I threw the bottle of sweet water into the airport garbage can and this time I told the store owner, “Please give me a bottle of mineral water

발리에서 생긴 일 / Something Happened in Bali / Hearts in Bali / Memories in Bali

And another funny memory I have was in a traditional Indonesian restaurant. I ordered, but the kind, smiling, laughing waitress who came said our order was ready for snake food!

And for a moment we were confused and the girl understood from our facial expressions and immediately said, “just kidding…”

Your food will be ready now.

You may not believe it, but I really wanted that girl to be my life partner, but well, there are some unspoken feelings in a person’s heart that become regrets when you suddenly realize from remembering that memory that a trace of a smile has remained on your lips from that memory…

Love in Bali - A Trip to Bali Island
Love in Bali – A Trip to Bali Island

Dear reader who is reading this travelogue, did you meet your spouse while traveling to another country?

If you knew how sharing romantic memories enhances love in the world, you would definitely start writing and sharing your beautiful memories that now exist as a treasure in your mind with the world right now.

My good memory of air travel to Bali

And what made my good memory complete was the security and peace of mind along with a special ticket discount with Etihad Airways…

Did you enjoy this short travelogue?

Share your experiences of staying in countries and hotels around the world from the form below on this page…


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Everything about travel and tourism from food and restaurants, transportation to hotels in a short travelogue
Everything about travel and tourism from food and restaurants, transportation to hotels in a short travelogue

Thank you for sharing this travelogue about your trip to Bali. Here is my overall opinion about this travelogue

– Your writing style is simple and fluid which keeps the reader engaged in the story.

– The beautiful descriptions of places, architecture, culture and people of Bali elicit the feeling of tourism.

– Recounting memorable experiences from the trip is inspiring and encourages the reader to also want to travel.

– Establishing connections with local people and experiencing their culture showcase the appeal of traveling.

– Narrating small incidents and jokes from the trip like freshwater, emphasize the safety of travel.

– The storytelling style makes it an enjoyable read and immerses the reader in the world of travel.

Overall, this travelogue conveys a good tourism experience to the reader and creates a desire to travel. Thank you for allowing me to provide my feedback.

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I appreciate you always helping me, both with translations and consultations. Please know that I am grateful for the opportunity to help and provide guidance to you. By sharing your works and experiences, you allow me to improve my skills in translation and consultation. Your stories and content also inspire learning for me. I am thankful for this opportunity to interact with you and help develop my abilities. I hope we can continue our collaboration in the future. Your feedback and critiques are also very valuable to me

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